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Smart Pole

Our Omniflow solution is an integrated Smart Lamp post powered by wind and solar with integrated battery storage. It transforms a regular street light into a sustainable smart infrastructure capable of housing multiple added value services like, 5G/LTE Small Cell, public wifi, security cameras, EV charging, IoT sensors/gateways and even integrated audio for public communication. 


5G base-stations

(small cells)

5G or LTE small cells can be integrated with in our products creating the perfect street level solution to deploy sustainable network infrastructure.
​Radio and antennas can be integrated both on Omniled 07 and also on Omniflow Smart Bench.


EV Charging stations

Our solution can be installed together with EV chargers up to 22KW. The power will come from grid connection and the connectivity and smart video analytics will be supplied by our existing connectivity. 

4-pedestrian-crosswalk_Pedestrian Crossw

Pedestrian Crosswalk

Smart cross walk system was developed together with Siemens to increase the safety of pedestrians in problematic areas with high traffic and foot fall
System can detect pedestrians and activate lighting, signs and V2X to make sure the driver/car are aware of pedestrian.

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Bus Stop

Smart Bus Stop provides the users of public transportation of a better service experience improving safety, information, connectivity and comfort. 
The pole integrates the Omniflow smart IoT pole powered by wind and solar that can host, light, information display, Wi-fi AP, Security camera and USB/wireless charging.

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Events detected by computer vision will be transmitted C-V2X our using a RSU (road side unit) the information can be directly transmitted to the vehicles and pedestrians near the event.

Traffic Monitoring

The integrated IP cameras can be used to stream the video to a control center or video processing can be executed inside our unit to detect vehicles and events.


Edge Computing

Local processing is used to process the raw data coming from our sensors on our local computer.System is also capable of processing low frame rate video analytics like smart parking. For more demanding applications a local GPU can be used for video analytics, data processing or content on the edge.

Smart Parking

The computer vision is capable of identifying if specific parking places are free or occupied. This information can be processed in the cloud or in the edge.
The metadata can be sent to display, app or directly to the car.


Micro Mobility

Our Omniled and Omnibench can be used to charge e-scooters, e-bikes or just parking.
All the electronics and control can be hosted inside of the Smart Bench solution that can also have additional solar power capability to reduce the power consumption from the grid.

person seating on smart bench with micro

Wi-fi Access Point

Public WI-FI access points can be hosted in all of Omniflow products.
Our solution is agnostic in terms of particular vendors used to provide the service.
All of our products are transparent to radio waves, so the AP can be installed inside our weather protective enclosure.


Our systems can host up to 4 IP security cameras completely integrated into the shell of our Omniled solutionThe integrated IP cameras can be used to stream the video to a control center or the video processing can be executed inside our unit using the camera processing capacities or edge computing.


Weather/ environmental/

IoT sensors

All this IoT sensors and gateways can be easily integrated in our units where we can offer the power, connectivity and space to host all this services.


Drone Charging/

control Hub

We can retrofit existing lamp posts with Omniflow smart pole powered by wind and solar using the existing poles and avoiding expensive and time consuming civil works.
Every Omniflow smart pole can be  upgraded to host the drone charging pad and 5G, so with Omniflow you will be able to create sustainable networks and highways for autonomous drone services.


Smart lighting

Our solution achieves a power reduction of more than 90% transforming a simple street light into a carbon neutral object that can be used for multiple IoT purposes in a single infrastructure without the need of creating new ones.
We have 2 available models for smart lighting, the Omniled 07 for pole heights of 6-12m and the Omniled 035 for pole heights of 3-5m.


Rail Stations

By retrofitting old lights with the highly efficient and beautifully designed Omniflow systems our customers are reaching savings of more than 90% translating into good investments and good ROI.
Information can be displayed on digital signage together with Wi-Fi, Audio and security cameras.


Parking lots

By retrofitting old lights with the highly efficient and beautifully designed Omniflow systems our customers are reaching savings of more than 90% translating into good investments and good ROI.
Lights can be dimmed after closing time and motion sensor activated to help the security team to secure the perimeter.
We also normally supply in this projects Wi-Fi and security cameras that can be also used for Smart Parking.


Beach/Crowd monitoring

Omniflow’s technology analyses how busy the beach or location is and shows real-time occupancy levels on a local E-ink screen or an app so a user can make an informed decision about where to go.
Audio warnings can also be used.

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