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Smart IoT Lamppost powered by wind and solar with integrated energy storage and grid connection that enables multiple integrated applications.

With our solution its possible to transform a simple street light into a carbon neutral device that can be used for multiple IoT purposes.

The grid connected unit first uses the available renewable energy. Only if the batteries are depleted it will consume part of the energy from the grid.

With this, Omniflow systems achieve dramatic savings >90% compared with regular lighting and even >60% with standard LED.

Some projects can be done Off-Grid. Please contact us for site evaluation.




Hybrid Wind & Solar

The awarded design offers all functionalities in a fully integrated solution (single component) ready to work out of the box.
It blend in from the most advanced city to the wildest of landscapes.


Omniled 07

1.20 / 0.30 m (w x h)

Omniled 035

0.60 / 0.15 m (w x h)


Omniled 07

35 Kg

Omniled 035

4 Kg

Solar power

Omniled 07

60 W (peak)

Omniled 035

15 W (peak)

Wind power

Omniled 07

100 W (rated @11 m/s, steady)

Omniled 035

15 W (rated @11 m/s, steady)


Omniled 07

500 Wh C10 Lead Crystal

Omniled 035

90 Wh C10 Lead Crystal

Lighting power

Omniled 07

30/ 90/ 180 (w/ Grid-backup)

Omniled 035

12/ 24/ 36 (w/ Grid-backup)

Lumen luminance

Pole height

Omniled 07

5100/ 13950/ 27900 lm

Omniled 035

1200/ 3840/ 5580 lm

Omniled 07

6/ 8/ 12 m

Omniled 035

4/ 5/ 6 m

DC Controller


Omniled 07 / Omniled 035

Hybrid wind/solar regulator

Omniled 07 / Omniled 035

Direct drive iron-less start permanent magnet

Color temperature


Omniled 07 / Omniled 035

4000 K

Omniled 07 / Omniled 035

OmniConnect IoT Platform


Omniled 07 / Omniled 035

Wi-Fi, 5G/LTE, small cell, IP camera's and video, analytics, USB charger, E-bike charger, Edge computing



Omnibench is a smart urban furniture designed for public spaces and patented by Omniflow.

The contemporary design is inspired in the Omniled Smart Lamppost shape and can interact with this product with multiple optional features like, architectural lighting, USB or wireless charging points and electric bicycles docking stations.

The water tight bench can be opened and be used for other technical purposes like the installation of a camouflaged base station for a telecommunications provider or simply more batteries.

The Omnibench can be filled with sand/water 
or simply bolted to the ground.



Modular Design

Solar Optional

IoT monitor and control


2.16/ 0.5 m (w x h)


50 Kg per module


Marine grade gel coat


RAL 9010

Space inside

Can fit 3 (three) objects up to:

500 x 500 mm

1.25 m (external radius)


Bolted to the ground

Filled with water

Filled with sand


Package dimensions:

2.20 x 0.95 x 0.50 m

Up to 6 units stackable


Architectural lighting 

USB Charger ports

Wireless Induction Charger

Wi-Fi AP

LoRA Gateway

Small Cell Basestation  

E-Bike Charging Station

E-Scooter Charging Station

Configuration options

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Smart IoT platform
Powered by wind & solar

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