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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Sustainable Lighting: Omniflow's Bright, Energy-Efficient Solution.

A new installation is complete at Passeio Marítimo de Algés 🌱

Omniflow solution installed in Algés showcasing sustainable smart pole

A new parking area at Passeio Marítimo de Algés with Omniflow Sustainable Lighting is already available for citizens and city visitors. In this project, execution time was one of the main challenges. We delivered our Smart Lamp Posts powered on the edge with wind and solar with swift execution to this parking area that already received the world event of "Jornada Mundial da Juventude 2023".

The mayor of Oeiras City officially inaugurated this project in the backdrop of this year's European Mobility Week, centered around the theme of Save Energy.

Omniflow Smart Lamp Posts are a groundbreaking sustainable solution that facilitates an impressive reduction of over 90% in electricity consumption and carbon footprint due to the integration of renewable energy and optimized management of the energy stored in the unit batteries, making it a perfect ally for every Smart City.

We work side by side with our clients to achieve the best plan to implement sustainable and smart solutions that can provide efficient lighting plus a wide range of IoT services in public spaces.

🔋 Wind and Solar energy on the edge with built-in batteries

Omniflow Smart Lamp Posts are powered by wind and solar with integrated batteries allowing savings of over 90% of electricity costs and they can transform any simple street light into a carbon-neutral.

⚡️High-efficiency LED Lighting

They can adjust brightness levels based on the presence of pedestrians and vehicles, ensuring that the area is well-lit when needed while conserving energy during quieter times.

Dynamic lighting promotes safety while contributing to reduced energy waste, making it an ideal choice for modern urban environments.

🔧 Retrofit old poles

By retrofitting old lights with the highly efficient and beautifully designed Omniflow systems our customers are reaching savings of more than 90% translating into good investments and good ROI.

⚙️ Smart Lamp Post as a Platform

We transform a regular street light into a sustainable smart infrastructure capable of housing multiple added services like 5G/LTE Small Cell, Edge computing, integrated EV charger, and IoT sensors/ gateways.

Omniflow smart pole transforms a simple lamp post into a sustainable IoT platform

Image kindly provided by Parques Tejo


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