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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Sustainable Lighting and Video Security - a greener parking lot

At the heart of this project is our state-of-the-art sustainable lighting system, the perfect platform for housing multiple add-value services like IP cameras.

Parking lot at Ghent with high sustainable lighting system and video surveillance to increase the sense of safety and comfort of users.

In the city of Ghent, a new business center emerged bringing the challenge of choosing the best solution for sustainable lighting and video security for the parking lot without disregarding efficiency, cost, and design.

Why is choosing a sustainable smart lighting system for a parking lot is so important? Whether for a new parking lot or in a retrofit investment, lighting is a critical aspect to consider.

Omniflow has a cutting-edge solution that allows large electricity and carbon footprint savings, providing a well-lit and secure environment for both vehicles and pedestrians, making it a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for the long term.

Our smart lampposts are powered by wind and solar energy that is stored in built-in batteries and then used at the edge where the energy is needed. The units are equipped with an ultra-efficient LED system that provides clear, uniform light, adapting intensity depending on detecting movement.

This means less electricity consumption which equals less carbon footprint.

Omniflow luminaire design awarded for sustainable lighting and IoT applications

Good design is not expensive, it is a great investment.

With the awarded design of our luminaire, it's possible to transform a simple street light into a carbon-neutral device that can house multiple IoT purposes, in a fully integrated solution.

Our solution blends in from the most advanced city to the wildest of landscapes.

Smart Solutions are discreet.

Security is paramount, and we understand the delicate balance between safety and privacy. Our discreet video IP camera security system allows monitoring of the parking area with a focus on protecting businesses and their clients, without compromising the comfort of those utilizing the parking facilities.

One more project is implemented and contributing to a greener landscape for parking lots.

We believe in the power of innovation to shape a sustainable future, so we invite you to explore the possibilities of our sustainable smart city solutions.

If you are intrigued by the possibilities that we can offer you and your city, schedule a meeting for a personalized presentation with our team and discover how we can work together to create a greener, smarter, and more connected urban future.


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