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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Omniflow Sustainable Infrastructures installed for Smart City project in Leiria

Cities of the future demande sustainable solutions today

Installed Smart and Sustainable Omniflow's Infrastructure

Integrated in a Smart City project called "Urban Islands" of Leiria's city, our sustainable infrastructures enable the improvement of citizens' daily lives delivering environmental data obtained through the equipment present in our infrastructures, such as air quality, noise level and real time traffic.

For a sustainable, efficient and healthier city.

When it comes to sustainable usage of electricity our Smart Lamp Pole is the clever choice. The installed infrastructures generate energy from wind and solar, allowing over 90% electricity savings and the equivalent CO2 reduction, they also house IoT and IA technology designed to collect real time data and send them to a Cloud-based platform to be accessed by the council and its citizens. This information is a key enabler to promote a smarter city, empowering city council to make assertive, knowledge-based and faster decisions on environmental politics, traffic management and urban planning.


5 key locations with installed smart solutions

Strategic spots for real time data

Omniflow developed a digital platform where citizens can access relevant information for their well-being.

Making data available to be accessible for everyone through digitalization is one of the most relevant vectores of Smart Cities development.

Leiria's citizens can access important information about air quality, noise volume in 5 strategic spots in the city.

Omniflow's solutions are sustainable and smart

Smart City project "Urban Islands" of Leiria's city

Learn more about this implemented project which is an excellent example on how technology can and should be used to create a sustainable and healthier environment for citizens, promoting their well-being and urban comfort. Read more


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