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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

How do Omniflow's Intelligent Solutions Illuminate and Reinforce Security in Urban Parks?

Urban parks are vital to the quality of life in cities, but security is often a concern. Find out how our smart solutions are addressing this challenge.

Omniflow's Smart Lighting for enhanced security in urban parks

Sustainable Smart Cities, with safe urban parks.

Public parks are valuable urban green spaces that serve multiple functions:

  • Improving air quality with a strong impact on surrounding climatic conditions

  • Reducing pollution

  • Creation and maintenance of natural ecosystems and protection of fauna and flora

  • Promotion of physical activities

  • Promotion of cultural and recreational activities

  • Socializing spaces

Urban green park with sustainable smart lamppost and omnibench

All of these factors have a strong impact on citizens' quality of life and their mental and physical health, which is why the latest recommendations indicate that we should choose a place to live that has a public park within a 300m radius.

Despite the benefits, urban parks often face security challenges. Scientific studies reveal that inadequate lighting is a significant concern for users of these spaces, and suggest some points of improvement for public managers and urban planners: "(...) its management must consider users' concerns, particularly regarding physical safety, which has been identified as particularly relevant for female users in other studies (e.g., Ref. [[98]]). Safety issues can be addressed through correct illumination and adequate vegetation coverage, properly tackling visibility and perceived safety concerns.(...)"*1 - full article open access

Sustainable Solutions for Smart Cities and Safe Urban Parks

Omniflow's sustainable solutions are endowed with the necessary characteristics to meet the requirements for improving lighting conditions and safety in the use of urban parks. High quality artificial lighting of public places is one of the necessary functions of sustainable cities. It is much more than just providing sufficient light intensity with reduced energy consumption and low environmental impact.(…)*2 - full article open access

Omniflow's intelligent luminaires are powered by wind and solar energy, which allows for a reduction in electricity consumption of over 90%, transforming a simple lamppost into a carbon-neutral object, with the capacity for automatic lighting adjustments through motion detection, among other IoT service possibilities that can be installed in each unit.

Omniflow's services for smart cities

All these services are integrated into a single, cloud-based platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), developed by Omniflow - OmniConnect, which enables remote control and real-time monitoring.

The data is made available with a focus on providing valuable information that helps management make decisions, such as adjusting alarm programming times or the lighting system.

The Power of Reusing Existing Infrastructure Towards Sustainability

The installation of our solutions allows for the reuse of existing infrastructures, drastically reducing the costs associated with on-site civil works. By reusing infrastructure, we also optimize the execution time of these installations.

Amplifying the Use of Urban Parks with Omniflow

Urban parks installations

Imagine a public park that can be used at any time of day without users worrying about not being able to see the paths and obstacles correctly or being surprised by someone malicious. Omniflow's Smart Lighting track users' activities and activate the ultra-efficient LED system so that the surroundings can be seen without difficulty, while local computer vision services provide security information to the park's management services. Omniflow can provide additional services that extend the range of security tools, such as a "call button" for emergency situations and an audio system for issuing alerts.

Ready to Light Up Security in City Parks?

Get in touch with us using our contact form or schedule an online meeting and discover the solutions we have at your disposal.

About the sources of this article…

*1 Open Access Scientific Study - Factors affecting cultural ecosystem services use in Vilnius (Lithuania): A participatory mapping survey approach -

*2 Open Access Scientific Study - Sustainable City Lighting Impact and Evaluation Methodology of Lighting Quality from a User Perspective -


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