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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Biedronka saves 82% on energy costs with Omniflow

Biedronka, the food retail leader in Poland operating more than 3000 stores around Poland, launched one of its freshest and most modern stores at the end of 2019. The parking lot was equipped with Omniflow's units providing sustainable lighting.

These units also generate energy from integrated Solar and Wind and are managed remotely by an IoT software.

After this innitial period in operation they have saved 82% of the energy costs compared with standard LED lights or 97% if compared with traditional High-Pressure Sodium lamps, translating into 5 TON of CO2 avoided.

About Biedronka:

Biedronka is the largest supermarket chain in Poland. It's owned by the group Jerónimo Martins.

Biedronka sells mainly local (Polish) products, many of which are manufactured under the company's own label.


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