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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Sustainable Energy Revolution by Repurposing Nissan Leaf Batteries with Omniflow

Promoting sustainability and innovation by reusing disused electric vehicle batteries.

Omniflow Smart Crosswalk System implemented at Vila Nova de Gaia

Since its installation in June 2023, the Braga unit has been a shining example of sustainable innovation within the Batteries 2030 project. The unit has demonstrated remarkable environmental and financial benefits by integrating second-life batteries into Omniflow's Smart Lighting solutions.

🔑 Key Data Collected:

Environmental Impact: Reduction of carbon emissions.

Financial Savings: Cost reduction due to efficient energy storage and distribution.

Operational Efficiency: Increased reliability and stability in energy supply.

Longevity: Extended lifespan through optimized battery management systems, leading to lower maintenance costs.

This case study underscores the potential of incorporating second-life batteries into Omniflow's Smart Lighting technology. By embracing sustainability and innovation, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their bottom line.

Get the complete Case Study of Second-life Batteries


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