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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Omniflow Smart Lampposts Are a Game-Changer with AI at the Edge with NVIDIA and AWS

Our smart lampposts go beyond lighting up streets and help communities become more sustainable and energy efficient by deploying AI/ML at the edge.

Omniflow installation in parking lot with computer vision, AI and Machine learning

Omniflow is a beacon of progress in a world where innovation meets sustainability. Imagine lampposts that do more than light up streets; they actively contribute to a smarter, safer, and more sustainable community. We achieve this vision by integrating cutting-edge technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA.

Let's delve into the myriad advantages that our products and services can offer you.

1. Sustainability Redefined

Omniflow's smart lampposts revolutionize the concept of sustainability. Powered by wind and solar energy, these lampposts significantly reduce over 90% of electrical costs and carbon emissions.

By harnessing renewable energy at the edge, Omniflow helps its customers contribute to a greener environment and ensures continuous operation with a minimal ecological footprint.

2. Data-Driven Decision Making

The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, along with computer vision technology, transforms Omniflow's solutions into valuable sources of data. Clients can track various environmental data points, enabling informed decision-making to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and public safety. Whether it's air-quality monitoring, traffic analytics, or computer vision services, Omniflow's services empower communities with actionable insights.

3. Operational Efficiency

Traditional lampposts are not only energy-intensive but also expensive to maintain. At Omniflow, we address this challenge by retrofitting old lights with its smart lamppost technology. Our approach allows customers to avoid the need for separate infrastructures for each service and build new foundations or install new poles because they can use the existing ones. The result is a cost-effective solution that streamlines operations, reduces maintenance costs, and optimizes energy consumption.

Omniflow conceptual vision for smart cities, transforming streetlights into smart IoT platform

4. Computational Power at the Edge

Omniflow's collaboration with NVIDIA, including participation in the NVIDIA Inception program, showcases its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology. By adopting Amazon EC2 P4 Instances powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and embedding NVIDIA Jetson Nano in each lamppost, Omniflow ensures powerful edge computing capabilities. This empowers the lampposts to process data efficiently, whether it's analyzing traffic footage or monitoring pollution levels.

5. Seamless Integration with AWS Services

Omniflow leverages AWS services such as IoT Core and Lambda to seamlessly connect and process data from its smart lampposts. The serverless architecture enables quick deployment of updates and improvements, ensuring that the lampposts are equipped with the latest features. The cloud-based system allows for scalability, enabling Omniflow to adapt its services to the diverse requirements of different customers.

6. Speed of Development

The adoption of AWS brings a notable advantage in terms of development speed. Our team attests to the efficiency of AWS services, emphasizing that it is much faster to build solutions using AWS tools compared to other alternatives. This agility is reflected in our rapid deployment times, with major installations completed in as little as 15 days for special events.

7. Unlocking a World of Data

Omniflow's journey began as a renewable energy creation company, but with the incorporation of NVIDIA and AWS technologies, it has unlocked a world of data. Our commitment to innovation not only addresses immediate challenges but also puts us in a privileged position in the evolving landscape of smart-city solutions.

Choosing Omniflow's products and services is not just a decision for today; it's an investment in a future where communities are safer, more sustainable, and empowered by data-driven insights.

Join Omniflow in illuminating the path to a smarter and greener world.💡🌱

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