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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Public parking lot is now saving 16.5 TON of CO2 per year

The City of Matosinhos upgraded their lighting system in the public swimming pools parking lot with Omniflow smart lighting technology.

The existing 42 lights heads were replaced by 18 sustainable smart lamp posts that generate power on site using an integrated system of wind, solar, energy storage and motion sensors that can adapt the light to the needs. The systems operate by using the available renewable energy first, the battery storage and only in backup it consumes any energy from the grid. This system architecture generates energy savings of 97.2% compared with the previous systems that translates into 16.5 TON of CO2 avoided per year.

The devices can also house multiple other applications like Public Wi-Fi, Computer Vision for Smart Parking, EV Charging Stations and others.

The new sustainable smart poles were supplied by Omniflow that is one of the partners in the Living Lab Carbon-Zero of Matosinhos project: The Living Lab of Matosinhos is the result of an awarded submission to the Environmental Fund. It’s a space for testing, experimenting and demonstrating in a real world context, technological, organizational and social solutions integrated at the intersection between mobility, energy, environment, buildings and connectivity oriented towards the decarbonization of the city, configuring itself as a “smart neighborhood”. It is a stage of co-creation and open innovation of products, services, software, hardware, and low-carbon urban interventions, where municipalities, knowledge centers, companies, entrepreneurs, and citizens interact.


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