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Pioneering Sustainable Solutions at Change NOW 2023 summit

A fresh look into environmental sustainability, new mobility and wide-range tech services for the next level smart cities challenges.

It was in an amazing location - Grand Palais Ephémère of Paris - that Change NOW 2023 happened, the globally acclaimed summit for sustainable innovation and impact. Recently ended and leaving attendees inspired and motivated to transform the world. It was a incredible experience to be among remarkable participants and share our vision about environment and social transitions. We've proudly showcased our green energy products and all the services we can provide regarding smart cities needs and development.

Promoting Community Empowerment

Omniflow's commitment to sustainable development extends beyond technology. Our solutions combine the use of green energy, from wind and solar, with an array of innovative technologies designed to pursue a carbon-neutral world and allowing electricity savings over 90%. We work side-by-side with municipalities, businesses and organizations to create new smart and sustainable solutions that are able to empower local communities.

Digital Integration and Efficiency

Digitalization is a crucial aspect of sustainable energy systems and we are determined to strive for permanent development of new solutions.

We are already capable to incorporate cutting-edge digital technologies to optimize the use of a simple urban lighting and transform it into a powerful tool that combines machine learning, data analytics and 5G connectivity to name a few. These integrations not only enhance performance but also enable effective monitoring, maintenance, and predictive analysis for sustainable energy infrastructures.

Our presence at Change NOW 2023 summit gave us the opportunity to reinforce our will to forge new partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations. We are confident that expanding our network of changemakers is the path towards a sustainable and efficient future, and we'll be capable of creating a lasting positive impact on the planet.


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