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parking lot with omniflow's smart solutions

Crowd prevention system

Omniflow developed a solution with the new normal in mind , and more specifically for the return of a safe beach season, allowing to analyze the occupation of places, and at the same time inform the public of best practices.

The solution uses Omniflow's smart pole base technology that generates its own energy through the sun and wind, and has energy storage through the built-in batteries.

This allows the sustainable solution to be autonomous in this case, which will greatly facilitate its implementation in anywhere both in terms of infrastructure needed and time for deployment.

The smart pole that already has included smart lighting and telecommunications will also be equipped with artificial intelligence and sensors that will allow the assessment of occupation of the total beach or the beach specific area.

This information will be presented on a low power consumption screen at the base of the pole that is located at the entrance, to inform the percentage of occupation of that area of the beach, but also of the nearest areas so that the users can choose an area with less concentrated people.

This information will also be transmitted to an App where the user can have access to the occupation in real time as well as the historical data of hourly occupation.

This way the user will be able to make an informed decision based on historical records as well as in real time, which will help to achieve a more uniform distribution of people on the beaches and that will also contribute for less travels to search for a spot.

Privacy is guaranteed since data processing is done locally. The only data shared is only processed data from the percentage of occupancy of each zone.

When a zone exceeds the value that was previously defined as a limit, the system will show a red color at the traffic light, as well as an audio communication will be transmitted in order to alert that the zone is complete and that they should go to less concentrated area.

The audio system may also emit warning sounds alerting for safe social distance.

As an option, the system can also have a module that allows contactless body temperature scan and hand sanitizer gel.

Omniflow is already preparing the application of this solution in Algarve in the next weeks.


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